Contract Intelligence

The content that you see on this page is intended to help you understand and familiarize yourself about Contract Intelligence (CI) as a solution and iManage Extract as the underlying product that powers Contract Intelligence.

What is Contract Intelligence?

Legal and contract services require teams to extract, analyze, and act upon meaningful information buried in documents. Contract Intelligence automates this process using artificial intelligence, enabling you to overcome tedious manual methods to complete more effective delivery.

What is iManage Extract?

iManage Extract is a platform designed to automatically read, extract, and summarize information contained within unstructured documents. iManage Extract uses AI to automate the extraction of critical data points, creating structured data that enhances the quality of the services you provide.

What are the various user roles built in to iManage Extract?

iManage Extract has six pre-configured user roles with the capability to execute defined tasks.These roles are classified into global-level and project-level roles. Any user in iManage Extract can be assigned more than one role in a project.

images/download/thumbnails/125054742/GlobalTasks.jpg Global roles


Global Trainer

Users who are assigned these roles can perform tasks that impact all the projects.

images/download/thumbnails/125054742/ProjectTasks.jpg Project roles





Users who are assigned these roles can perform tasks that are limited to the project that they are assigned to.

Select the following link for an understanding on the mapping between these roles and the tasks that they can perform in iManage Extract: User roles — task mapping

What are some of the initial tasks I would be performing in iManage Extract to get started?

This section gives you an insight into some of the basic tasks you would be performing as you start setting up iManage Extract to extract content for you.


Quick Start Guide


Creating a project

(Superuser, Project Admin)


Uploading documents

(Superuser, Ingester)


Creating review forms

(Superuser, Trainer)


Exporting extracted data

(Superuser, Reviewer)

Are there quick-start videos that can guide me through the initial tasks while giving me a good understanding of the iManage Extract interface?

Yes, very much. You can currently find the following iManage Extract videos in the channel that will help you gain a better understanding of our product: iManage Extract Video Playlist images/download/thumbnails/125054742/iManage_Extract_Video_Playlist-18.png .


All our product videos are hosted in iManage YouTube Channel images/download/thumbnails/125054742/iManage_YouTube_Channel.png .

Additional resources

Third-party Integrations

Solution Automation

images/download/thumbnails/125054742/Training.png Training & Education

images/download/thumbnails/125054742/HelpCenter.png iManage Extract on Help Center

To realize the benefits of an end-to-end solution, it is sometimes necessary to integrate with applications outside the iManage Platform.

For a high-level understanding of the possibilities, select this link .

Contract Intelligence allows you to automate functions of the application itself and build entirely new integrations with other applications, thereby augment the value of the solution.

For a high-level understanding this capability, select this link .

Contract Intelligence is an exciting and flexible solution, and we want to ensure that your team knows how to best leverage it to get the most value for your organization. Our Healthy Start program will set you up for success.

For a high-level understanding of the program, select this link .

For iManage Extract release packages and complete documentation, select this link.

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