Adding Applications (Cloud)

Perform the following steps to add applications on Cloud:

  1. When you are on the Applications page, the list of applications registered on iManage Work appears.

  2. Select


    to upload a new application. The page to upload a package appears listing the applications that are available for you to enable or disable for a particular customer.

  3. Select Authentication to configure the OAuth settings for single sign-on.




    Allow Refresh Token

    When set to Yes, allows the application to obtain a new access token when the existing access token expires, without prompting the user for authentication.
    Default: No

    Refresh Token Expiry

    Duration in days for which a refresh token remains valid.


    To configure this field, you must enable the Allow Refresh Token option.

    Default: 365 days

    Access Token Expiry

    Duration of inactivity allowed in minutes before invalidating an access token of a user.

    Default: 30 minutes.

  4. Select Access to secure an application to selected users in the organization. This is helpful when you have a pilot group who is testing a new functionality or if you have an application that is specifically meant for a certain users. For example, an application for tracking patent deadlines that only an IP group uses.

  5. If available, select Settings to configure any properties for the application . Follow the on-screen instructions.

  6. Select Review to review your changes.

  7. Select Finish.