This application is available to Tier 2 and NRTADMIN users only.

Captions are customized labels associated with each profile field available to all iManage Work clients. iManage Control Center (iCC) enables you to customize labels of the profile fields in an iManage library using Captions. Changes to these labels are reflected dynamically in the UI. Captions can also be defined per a client application's locale settings for a language.

Captions can be set for:

  • All profile fields

  • All iManage elements found in the iManage tree (My Matters, Recent Searches, and so on).

Captions enable you to:

  • View all the available captions.

  • Perform searches on the Profile Field and Captions fields using the Search option (on the page level kebab menu).

  • Edit a caption using the Edit feature.

  • View the details of a caption using the View feature.

View table options in UI overview section.

Viewing captions

To view a list of all the available captions, select Metadata > Captions in the left control pane. The Captions screen displays the available captions fields. Selecting an item from the Profile Field column allows that item to be edited.

Figure: Viewing captions


Searching for captions

This option is available on the ribbon bar and can be used to search by the Profile Field and Captions fields.

Figure: Search field


Editing a caption

This option is available on the:

  • Kebab menu: Select the images/download/thumbnails/57669083/elipse.png icon adjacent to each caption

  • Context menu: Right-click a caption to see this option

The following steps are explained using one of the preceding options:

  1. Right-click a caption, and select Edit. The Edit Description dialog box appears.

  2. Update captions for the supported languages and select Save.

These captions gets reflected in the client application when it is restarted.

Viewing caption details

This option is available on the,

  • Kebab menu: Select the images/download/thumbnails/34495703/elipse.png icon adjacent to each caption.

  • Context menu: Right-click a caption to see this option.

  • Clickable link: Under the Profile Field column, select a caption.

Using one of the preceding option, select View.


Select images/download/thumbnails/57669083/Screen_Shot_2019-02-26_at_12.13.15_PM.png to edit the captions for the supported languages.