Creating cloud users

  1. Select images/download/thumbnails/61279374/Screen_Shot_2019-01-28_at_4.04.13_PM.png . The following Create User dialog box appears:
    Figure: Create User

  2. Enter the user information:

    Table: User Information


    Dependent Field



    Upload a photo.

    Full Name* (Mandatory)

    Enter user's full name.

    User ID* (Mandatory)

    Enter user's iManage Work login ID.

    Email* (Mandatory)

    Enter user's email address. For example,


    Enter user's location. For example, Chicago.

    External user

    Select Yes to define this user as External.

    An external user has no default security access and must later be assigned explicit access for their tasks. An external user is a Virtual User without any privileges over content, unless explicitly granted on the content ACL For example, an external user may be a customer who requires temporary access, a part-time contractor, vendor or partner.

    Default: No (disabled).

    Preferred Library

    Choose the preferred (default) library for this user. When you set the value, the Role field appears.


    Choose a user role from the drop-down list.


    This field is dependent on the External User and the Preferred Library fields. So, the Role list depends on the setting in External User and the library set in the Preferred Library fields.


    Allow Login

    Default value: Disabled. If enabled, user can log in to the iManage Work client application.

    Password* (Mandatory)


    This field is visible only when the Allow Login field is enabled.

    Enter user's login password. No default password is available for new users and they cannot be added with a blank Password field.

    User must change password
    at next login


    This field is visible only when the Allow Login field is enabled.

    Default value: Disabled.

    If enabled, forces the user to change password on the next login into iManage Work application.

  3. Select Create. The user is added to the Global Management list.

iManage checks if the email address entered already exists in the system and will prevent the creation of users with the same email address.