This application is available to NRTADMIN users only.

This feature enables you to configure iManage Work settings.

Click SETTINGS > Global to view the following global settings and Edit the required fields.

Figure: Global settings


Table: Global Settings



Default value


Flexible Folders



Enables users to use the Flexible Folder feature in iManage Work client applications.

Match fields for filtering templates

None, one, or two Metadata fields

Not selected

Enables users to search for templates based on these match fields while creating new folders/tabs/search folders in iManage Work client applications. The templates with EXACT MATCH are displayed at the top followed by other templates. If no match field is defined, all templates are displayed as TEMPLATE WITH NO FILTER.


  • To configure this field, you must enable Flexible Folders option.

  • You can select custom metadata in:

    • Only the first drop-down list

    • Only the second drop-down list

    • Both the drop-down lists

    • Leave the settings as is without selecting anything.

If you do not have any match fields specified, the system defaults to Custom 29 and Custom 30 to ensure that while creating templates in iManage Work client applications there is:

  • At least 1 filter option if you have only 1 match field defined.

  • At most 2 filter options if you have 2 match fields or no match fields defined.

In this feature the two drop-down lists are dependent on each other.

Example: If you select Custom 3 from the first drop-down list, you see that all custom metadata options other than Custom 3 are available in the second drop-down list for selection.

Allow to Create Metadata

None, one, or more Metadata fields

Not selected

Enables users to choose metadata for which you can add new metadata values while creating workspaces in iManage Work client applications. You should choose only those metadata fields here that you want to see in iManage Work.

Auto-generate custom Alias



This option is only available if Allow to Create Metadata is enabled.

Automates the generation of the custom metadata Alias property during workspace creation for the customers who use only the Name or Description property. The Alias is internally auto-generated and cannot be controlled using special mnemonics or numbering. This Alias property is hidden and only the Name appears in the user interface.

User Trash



Enables Trash feature in iManage Work clients, which allows users to restore deleted documents and emails.

Note: For on-premises deployments, you must also enable the registry setting to enable Trash functionality.

HIPAA Option



Shows/hides the HIPAA Compliant check box when creating metadata during workspace creation. The HIPAA flag is used to indicate encrypted file storage.

Default Email Folder


Name of the default email filing folder for a workspace. While filing an email, user can just select the workspace and the default email folder is picked up automatically as the filing location. The folder name under workspace should match with the default email folder name configured here.

Allow folder creation in public workspaces



E nables users with read/write access to create folders in public workspaces. Normally, this can only be done by users with full access to the workspace.

Editing global settings

  1. Select images/download/thumbnails/63800705/Screen_Shot_2019-01-24_at_2.47.09_PM.png to edit the global settings. The following Settings dialog box appears.
    Figure: Settings

  2. Modify the required fields. For more details, see Table: Settings.