Templates are user-defined structures of folder hierarchy that are customizable with respect to their location, security, and behavior. This application enables you to define folder structures for creating workspaces or folders within workspaces using iManage Work client applications. You can create templates with a logical folder structure per your business needs.

Using these templates available in iManage Work clients' users can create workspaces and the folder structure defined in the template or folders directly within an existing workspace. This helps users to create folders in a systematic manner based on their business needs and reduce the complexity around the workspace structure.

Templates enable you to:

  • Search for the required template using the Search field.

  • Create a new template using the Create Template feature.

  • Define the folder structure using the Add option

  • View template details using the View option.

  • Edit a particular template using the Edit option.

  • Create a copy of a template using the Copy option.

  • Delete single or multiple templates using the Delete option.

  • View generic table options in the UI overview section.

Sample Template for creating workspace

This section explains workspace creation using a sample template in iManage Work clients.

Figure: Sample Template for Workspace creation



The workspace creation in iManage Work clients using this template results in the following:

  • A workspace is created with the name provided by the user.

  • All the child folders are created along with the workspace.

  • Workspace and child folder names are prefixed with the prefix defined in the template.

  • In the preceding figure, in Explicit Access section, Jill King has Read/Write access and User1 has Full Access.

  • The properties and security settings defined on the template are applied on the workspace and the child folders.

Figure: Workspace


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