Context Menus


To perform operations on this page, the user must be a Tier 2 or NRTADMIN iManage Work system administrator.

B ased on your environment, access the Web Client > Filters tab by navigating to:

Settings > Web Client > Filters


Work Clients > Web Client > Filters

This feature enables you to organize and group the context menus that appear for the following objects in iManage Work client applications.

  • Documents

  • Emails

  • Matters

  • Folders

The default list of custom menus displayed for each object type is fixed. You can reorder the menus, remove, or and add only the ones that are removed from the list.

Steps to customize the context menus

Figure: Context Menus tab

  1. Select the tab (Documents, Emails, Matters, or Folders) for the object for which you want to customize the context menus.

  2. Hover the mouse over the list of default menus available, and select images/download/thumbnails/89273359/icon-edit.png in the upper right corner of the menu to begin editing.

  3. Drag and drop the menu items to change the order.

  4. To add a menu item, at the bottom of the menu select +Add, and then select the context menu items from the drop-down list to be added.

  5. To remove a menu item, hover the mouse over the item and select X.

  6. Select images/download/thumbnails/89273359/icon-save.png at the bottom of the menu, then select Save to save the customization.


Select Restore Defaults to restore the default menu settings.

Points to Remember

  • The context menu names and icons cannot be changed.

  • The customized context menus are available across all the libraries.

  • Share externally context menu is available only if you have iManage Share integration.


    With iManage Share you can exchange the work products securely with your clients, partner firms, and outside consultants within tools that you are familiar with. For more information, you can visit or contact iManage support team.

  • Grouping is supported only for Share externally and More Actions menus.

  • Hover the mouse over the group context menus, and select images/download/thumbnails/89273359/icon-edit.png to add items.

  • In Work 10.3 and higher, the Delete Shortcut menu item is no longer available. The Delete menu item is now context sensitive and appears in the context menu for documents, emails and folders, whereas the Delete Shortcut option appears for document, email and folder shortcuts when the Delete option is included in the respective context menus.

  • The menu Open Web Link for iManage Work panel is not configurable and does not appear in the context menus list.

  • If you remove any of the custom menus, they do not appear in iManage Work client applications. However, they appear in iManage Control Center (iCC) to allow you to add them again to the list.
    For example, in the following image the Move menu is removed from the document context menu list in iCC, so it does not appear in the iManage Work client application UI. However, it appears in the iCC application for it to be added again when needed.

    Figure: iManage Work UI

    Figure: Context Menus in the iCC application

  • The third-party menu options appear when you select +Add . To enable third-party menus, refer to the third-party documentation.

  • If you want to replace the native functionality with third-party integration, then you must delete the native context menu and add the third-party context menu.
    For example, if you are using a third-party tool to add new folders, you should remove the native New Folder context menu and add the third-party new folder menu by selecting +Add .