Types of refile

There are mainly following types of refile:

  • Metadata: Affects only the metadata fields eligible for refile. During a metadata refile, these custom fields attempt to align with the parent container. Refiling metadata ensures that users can easily retrieve content through searches.


    Except class and subclass, all the metadata fields are copied from the workspace. Class and subclass are copied from the immediate parent folder.

  • Security: Affects the default security and the ACL (access control list, or the list of users/groups with permissions to access the item). During a security refile, the default security and ACL attempts to align with the parent container. Refiling security ensures that only the authorized teams can view the content. Security is refiled for content in the folders that inherit security.

Each refile type is an independent event and only affects that one type. For example, a security refile only affects security related fields and never modifies metadata. The events are enabled separately.


  • Refile Service processes all documents that are not currently checked out. Checked out documents are not refiled, even after being checked in.

  • Declared record documents will be processed for security, not metadata.

  • Share folders and shortcuts are not processed.