Adding an application

To add an application for use by iManage Work users:

In Settings > Applications:

  1. Select images/download/thumbnails/85095694/Screen_Shot_2019-01-22_at_2.33.58_PM.png .
    The Add Application dialog opens, and displays the list of applications that are available for you to add.


    If you do not see the following Add Applications dialog, refer to the following topics instead:

    - Add an application package

    - Add an application manually

    Tip: Search for applications using the Search for Application field at the top of the dialog.

    Figure: Add Application dialog box

  2. Select the application to add, then select Authentication to configure the OAuth settings for single sign-on.




    Allow Refresh Token

    When set to Yes, allows the application to obtain a new access token when the existing access token expires, without prompting the user for authentication.
    Default: No

    Refresh Token Expiry

    Duration in days for which a refresh token remains valid.
    NOTE: To configure this field, you must enable the Allow Refresh Token option.

    Default: 365 days

    Access Token Expiry

    Duration of inactivity allowed in minutes before invalidating an access token of a user.

    Default: 30 minutes.

  3. Select Access to secure an application to selected users in the organization. This is helpful when you have a pilot group who is testing a new functionality or if you have an application that is specifically meant for a certain users. For example, an application for tracking patent deadlines that only an IP group uses.

  4. If available, select Settings to configure any properties for the application . Follow the on-screen instructions.

  5. Select Review to review your changes.

  6. Select Finish.