Editing an Existing .immconfig File

You can use the iOS feature to import an existing .immconfig file and customize policies.

  1. Select images/download/thumbnails/74450081/import.png . Navigate to the folder and choose the file.
    The following figure shows that the New immconfig is imported and its values are populated in the respective fields.

    Figure: iOS page

  2. Make any modifications to policy, then cliickimages/download/thumbnails/74450081/Screen_Shot_2019-01-07_at_5.07.35_PM.png to save your changes and download the updated file.


You will lose any configuration changes if you do not select theimages/download/thumbnails/74450081/Screen_Shot_2019-01-07_at_5.07.35_PM.png button before navigating away from the page.