Installing iManage Work Email Management for Gmail

Installing iManage Work 10.1.4 Email Management for Gmail for Work Server 10.0.1, 10.0.2, 10.1.x, and 10.2

  1. For Work Server 10.0.1, download the file from iManage Help Center.
    For Work Server 10.0.2 or later, the file is available in the C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\web_module\ext\available folder.

  2. On the iManage Work Server machine, add to the C:\Program Files\Autonomy\WorkSite\web_module\ext\installed folder.

  3. Restart iManage Work Server.


iManage Work Server 10.2 has introduced certain changes for Applications. As part of the 10.2 upgrade process, you must ensure that the Email Management for Gmail application is migrated to iManage Work Server database. For more information, see Applications.