UI overview






Available on the ribbon bar and is used to search for the required items.


This option is available on the ribbon bar. By default, it shows your preferred library (when you sign in). Use this option to switch between different libraries; your selection is retained. The latest library you selected is displayed even when you navigate between features.



Available on the ribbon bar and is used to filter the table items.

Download as CSV


This option is available on the ribbon bar (the kebab menu when you select images/download/thumbnails/74461845/elipse.png ). It enables you to download the table items of different features in CSV format ( to the local download folder).



Available as a footer in all feature pages.

  • X-Y of Z: This means there are Z records out of which X-Y records are displayed in the table view. For example, 1-25 of 1397 (as shown in the figure).

  • < Prev and Next >: Page navigators

  • Page A of B: This means there are B number of pages out of which the A page is displayed. Select the drop-down list to choose the page number you wish to navigate to. For example, 1 of 56 (as shown in the figure).

  • Items per page: Number of items that are displayed per page. Select the Items per page drop-down list to choose the required number.

Show All


Select multiple items (two or more) to see the Show All and Show Selected options on the header of the Results section.

  • Show Selected: V iew only the selected items.

  • Show All: Navigate from the Show Selected page to the view all items.

Show Selected