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New features are continuously being added to iManage Control Center. See what enhancements and feature changes are available in each update.

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For more details about the Q1 2021 (10.3.3) update, see the Service Update: iManage Work in the Cloud - Q1 2021 article on the iManage Help Center.

This update includes all enhancements provided in previous updates.

Refile Service enhancements for multi-reference documents

Documents referenced in multiple locations (multi-reference documents) in iManage Work present a unique challenge when the Refile Service updates the document's properties. Previously, the metadata or security properties applied by Refile Service could come from any number of different locations where the document was referenced. When the metadata or security properties were updated in any of these locations, the Refile Service automatically applied the properties from the location that was last updated.

In this release, iManage Control Center now enables administrators to configure the behavior of Refile Service when refiling multi-reference documents. Two new options are provided based on the chronological order in which the document was referenced to a location:

  • Oldest location

  • Newest location

You can also configure the Refile Service to skip multi-reference documents entirely by disabling the Refile multi-reference documents option .

These new options give you control over how metadata and security is applied to documents that are referenced in multiple locations during a refile.


To determine the order in which a document was referenced to its locations, view Where Used or Where Filed in the Properties panel in iManage Work. The locations shown are listed from oldest to newest, based on the time at which the document was added to this location.

Figure: Using Where Used to view the order in which documents were referenced



This time-based ordering applies only to when the document was added to the immediate parent location. For example, if a document is added to a folder, and the folder is then moved to a different workspace at a later date, the order shown in Where Used does not change.

Configuring Refile Service

To configure the Refile Service settings in iManage Control Center, navigate to Settings > Refile, then select any of the available libraries to view and edit the Refile options for the selected library.

The new configuration options are displayed under the Documents section.

Figure: Setup Refile


For more information, see Multi-reference documents.

Interface updates

The Refile settings table now displays the Multi-reference documents setting for each library.

Figure: Refile settings


The Setup Refile wizard and the Refile details page are updated as shown:

  • Document Exclusions is now displayed as Documents.

  • Workspace Exclusions is now displayed as Workspaces.

Figure: Setup Refile wizard


Figure: Refile details page


Update application packages

iManage Control Center now supports the ability to update existing application packages. This new capability overwrites the existing application package with the new or updated version, and preserves any configuration settings (authentication, access, and so on) from the existing application.

This is useful for testing or where you change some of the files in the package. You no longer need to delete the existing application, then add, upload, and reconfigure the new application package each time.

In any existing application which was uploaded using a package, the new Update package menu option is now available.

Figure: Update package menu option


For more information, see Updating an application package.

Create sub-menus in iManage Work menus

iManage Control Center now allows you to create sub-menus within the context menus in iManage Work. This enables you to group and organize menu actions to fit your users' needs.

These menu actions are displayed in the iManage Work Web client and the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook in the following locations:

  • Context menus

  • Document Preview toolbar

  • Multi Select toolbar in the List/Grid view

  • Mobile view

Figure: Example custom submenu

Sub-menus are configured in iManage Control Center by navigating to Work Clients > Web Client > Context Menus .

The new Create Sub-menu option is provided at the bottom of each menu.

Figure: Create Sub-menu option

For more information, see Context Menus in the iManage Control Center online help.

Document search by checked out users

iManage Control Center now supports the ability to search for documents that are checked out by a specific user or users.

This capability enables you to quickly locate and take action on all documents that are currently checked out by the specified user(s). This is useful when locating documents for a departing user.

Figure: Document search using Checked Out By


Changes to New Workspace dialog functionality

The updated New Workspace dialog introduced in iManage Work 10.3.2 displays No results found when a user attempts to create a custom metadata value during the creation of the workspace.

To achieve the same functionality provided in the old dialog, an iManage Work administrator must perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to iManage Control Center > Global.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Locate the Allow to Create Metadata setting, and select the drop down menu to define which custom fields allow metadata creation.
    By default, no custom fields are selected.

  4. Select Save.

See the New process to add custom metadata values in the iManage Work New Matter dialog advisory on iManage Help Center for more information.

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