iManage Control Center is a centralized control system that provides management and administration services. It is intended for iManage system administrators.


This document is intended for technical audiences, specifically iManage system administrators.


For on-premises deployments, iManage Control Center is provided as a separate package, which is available for download from iManage Help Center.

To install or upgrade the iManage Control Center in an on-premises environment:

At a Windows command prompt, issue the following command.

iManageControlCenter.exe /install /quiet /log <Path_For_Logfile>

For more information:

Access iManage Control Center

To sign in to iManage Control Center, navigate to the following URL:

http://domain or host name/work/cc/

Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

Supported languages

The following languages are supported:

  • English (US)

  • French (France)

  • German (Germany)

  • Spanish (Spain)

  • Chinese (China)

  • Japanese (Japan)

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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