iManage uses Twilio Segment for collecting anonymous usage analytics. Segment is an industry leader in product analytics and counts companies like Google, IBM, Intuit, and Zendesk among their customers. Segment shares our commitment to security and data privacy and has obtained many of the same security certifications as iManage such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and 27018.

To effectively operate and monitor application usage and license compliance, iManage by default gathers anonymous baseline statistics regarding usage of iManage Cloud and associated applications. No personally identifiable information or other customer data is ever gathered without your explicit permission.

iManage provides an option to gather richer application usage information, including end user search results and other personally identifiable information.

Gathering this end user analytics information allows iManage to:

  • Make data-driven decisions based upon real-world insights into how our end users are using our products.

  • Make essential decisions about which features of our products to continue to invest in.

  • Build a foundation upon which we can securely share this data with our customers so they can also measure adoption and usage of the products they have invested in.

This data gathering also forms the foundation of our future reporting strategy for iManage Cloud customers. By gathering this data, iManage will also share this data with you so you will be better position to:

  • Better understand adoption of iManage products within your organization

  • Gain insights into how your users are using the products to better target additional training.

iManage has implemented the following standards and controls with respect to the collection of analytics data:

  • All analytics information collected is limited to end user usage of our products only.

  • This information is gathered in a fully anonymous fashion, and user activity can never to connected back to any individual person.

  • We will never share with Segment:

    • Company names

    • User names

    • User email addresses

    • Document, workspace, folder names and related metadata.

  • Segment provides controls on data ingress to only gather data elements that have been explicitly allowed by iManage.

If you have additional questions regarding the implementation of analytics at iManage, please contact