This document provides information for working with iManage Control Center. It presents information and concepts required for iManage Work system administrators.

Additional information may be found in the iManage Work in the Cloud section of iManage Support Center.

  • Key Concepts introduces important ideas and terms used throughout the iManage Work system, such as containers and documents, or understanding the relationships between roles and privileges. The topics also introduce and define important terms. This is a good starting place to learn about them if you are new or unfamiliar with iManage Work system administration. When possible, the concepts are linked to procedures, such as those than can be performed in iManage Control Center.
  • Using iManage Control Center is a set of step-by-step procedures for using the control center. They're presented in the same groupings and order as in the control center screen.
  • Deploying and Configuring iManage Work Clients is a series of procedures for setting up and using the different iManage Work clients, such as for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. There are procedures for integrating other products, like Gmail, with those clients.

Key Concepts

Administration Tasks







Additional Resources

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Training & Education

The iManage Work Cloud Fundamentals 3-day course, available through the above link, provides an in-depth study of the features and functionality of the iManage Work 10 clients and the associated administrative utilities, including the Web-based iManage Control Center.

Download the course outline from iManage Share.