To perform operations on the Web Client page, the user must be a member of the NRTADMIN group, or be assigned to a role with Tier 2 access to Control Center. For more information about the specific operations allowed, see Understanding tiers.

This page enables you to customize the context menus that appear for the following objects in iManage Work client applications.

  • Documents and Document Versions
  • Emails
  • Matters
  • Folders

You can customize menus by adding, reordering, removing, and grouping menu actions using existing sub-menus or by creating new ones.

Customize context menus

  1. Open the Context Menus Customization tab by navigating to Work Clients > Web Client > Context Menus.

  2. Select the tab (DocumentsEmailsMatters, or Folders) for the object for which you want to customize.
  3. Hover your mouse over the menu and select  in the upper right corner of the menu.
  4. When finished, select  to confirm your changes, then select Save to save the customization. 


Select Restore Defaults to restore the default menu settings.

Change the order of actions in a menu

To change the order, drag and drop the menu actions.

Add menu actions

To add a menu action, at the bottom of the menu, select Add action.

Select the context menu actions from the drop-down list to be added.

You can add menu actions for third-party integrations, or iManage Work (native) menu actions which had previously been removed.

Add or remove horizontal line

To add a horizontal line to separate actions within the menu, hover the mouse over the area between two actions until the + button appears, then select +.

To remove a line, hover over the line until the X button appears, then select X.

Remove actions from a menu

To remove a menu action, hover the mouse over the action and select X.

Removing actions from a menu will remove the action in all iManage Work client applications. However the menu actions are still available in Control Center in order to allow you to add them again, if needed.

Create a sub-menu

To create a sub-menu:

  1. At the bottom of the menu, select Create Sub-menu. The Create Sub-menu dialog opens.
  2. Enter a name for this sub-menu.
  3. Expand Other languages to enter localized names for the sub-menu.
  4. Select an icon.
  5. Select Create. The new sub-menu is added with no actions within it ("Empty").
  6. To add, reorder, or delete items within the sub-menu, select in the sub-menu.
  7. Select  in the sub-menu to confirm your changes.

Delete a sub-menu

To delete a sub-menu, select in the sub-menu to begin editing it, then select Delete.

Any action in this sub-menu will be displayed in the available list of actions the next time you select Add action.

NOTE: The default sub-menus Share and More Actions cannot be deleted.

Points to remember

  • Menu names and icons cannot be customized.
  • Changes to context menus apply across all iManage Work libraries.
  • In Work 10.3 and later, the Delete Shortcut menu item is no longer available. The Delete menu item is now context sensitive and appears in the context menu for documents, emails and folders, whereas the Delete Shortcut option appears for document, email and folder shortcuts when the Delete option is included in the respective context menus.
  • The menu Open Web Link for iManage Work panel is not configurable and does not appear in the context menus list.
  • Third-party menu options appear when you select Add action. To enable third-party menus, refer to the third-party documentation.
  • To replace the native functionality with third-party integration, you must delete the native context menu and add the third-party context menu.
    For example, if you are using a third-party tool to add new folders, remove the native New Folder context menu and add the third-party new folder menu by selecting Add action.