iManage Control Center provides administrative control over all core functionality within the iManage products. iManage Control Center eliminates the need for 2-tier tools which access data directly, providing authentication and authorization control for specific functions within iManage products. Key Control Center features include:

  • Role-Based Administration: iManage Control Center offers the ability to tier administrators ensuring help desk personnel, contractors and power users only receive as much administration privilege as they need. This tier-based administration reduces risk while delegating tasks to appropriate support staff.
  • User, Group and Metadata Management: Administrators can perform key management functions, such as unlocking a user or adding a piece of metadata to a file, directly from their device, thanks to iManage Control Center’s web-based console. Previously, administrators needed access to the actual physical server to perform these tasks. Web-based access speeds up completion of these tasks while enhancing security by reducing access to the physical server.
  • Templates: With the Flexible Folders feature, administrators can create workspace templates so that users have the flexibility when creating workspaces and folders while maintaining your organization’s structure.
  • Easily administer iManage Work 10: iManage Control Center makes it easy for help desk staff and system administrators to manage the iManage Work user base and information at any time, from any device. Administrators can quickly recover user deleted content, configure profiles, fields, filters captions and more for different iManage Work 10 application modules (web, desktop and mobile).

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