What’s New in iManage Work – June 2019

Move Documents and Emails from Recent Lists and Search Results

  • Search for documents and/or emails using either a Personalized Search, or with All (databases)
  • Move up to 50 items from the Search results list to a new workspace folder location
  • Supported for simple and advanced searches.

Ability to share emails with external parties

  • Copy emails to Client Folders for external collaboration.
  • Publish and share a link to an email using the Send Secure Link option. 

Downloading Multiple items from iManage Work using iManage Work Link (IWL)

  • Select and download multiple documents or emails from iManage Work. SAve them to the folder of your choice.
  • Download individual files or multiple files as a .zip folder.
  • Available in iManage Work Web and iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook.