What’s New in iManage Work Desktop for Windows – August 2019

Easily copy the link of an iManage document being edited

Now you can copy the link of an iManage document while you are editing it without having to access the Work panel in Outlook, or accessing the Work web interface. Simply click Copy Link in the iManage tab.

Insert iManage document properties in the footer in Microsoft Word

You can insert any of the document properties fields like document number, version and many more, in the footer field in a Word document saved to iManage. The fields are populated with the respective property of the document without replacing existing information in the footer. This also helps construct templates for automatically inserting this type of information for new documents, or when saving new versions of existing documents.

Create and distribute localized email templates

Now administrators can create localized email templates in different languages. The templates are automatically downloaded by iManage Work Desktop for users.