Sharing Microsoft files with external collaborators

Sharing files with external collaborators with iManage Work user account

You can share files for co-authoring with external collaborators who have an external user account with iManage Work.

An external user is a special type of iManage Work user account that your administrator can set up. This account helps manage user accounts for people outside your organization who require access to your iManage Work system. As with standard users, external users can be organized into external groups. For information about external users and groups in your iManage Work system, consult your administrator.


External users can view or edit only those files for which you have given them access.

When you share files with external users for co-authoring, they can open the file using their iManage Work external user account and edit the file using Microsoft Office for the web. If the external users do not have a Microsoft O365 account, they cannot co-author the file shared.

Similar to iManage Work users, when external users open your file, the globe icon images/download/thumbnails/125072809/global_icon.png appears against the file indicating that the file is checked out for collaboration.

For more information about how to share documents for co-authoring, see Starting a co-authoring session.

Sharing files with external collaborators without iManage Work accounts

Currently, you cannot share your files with external collaborators who do not have an iManage Work user account for co-authoring. External collaborators must have an external user account with iManage Work for any collaboration. This is because files are saved securely in iManage Work and all edits made using Microsoft Office for the web do not require Microsoft OneDrive for business as compared to co-authoring in iManage Work desktop clients, which uses Microsoft OneDrive for business.

For more information about creating an external user account with iManage Work, contact your administrator.