iManage Tracker is a matter-centric task management service to capture and manage tasks, track progress, and get work done – all integrated with iManage Work. The application can help teams reduce the time consumed in creating tasks and tracking obligations so that professionals can focus on more productive tasks. iManage Tracker provides visibility of all tasks for a matter in iManage Work to ensure quicker tracking and the link to the relevant content ensures that assignees get instant access to the files associated with a task.

The integration with Microsoft Office ensures that assignees receive daily updates of their tasks through Microsoft Outlook, and use the iManage Tracker panel to view and update their tasks, receive updates about the checklists, and tasks of users they choose to follow, and access the documents for the tasks. Additionally, existing task checklists in Microsoft Word can be imported to iManage Tracker and linked to the required matter, thus doing away with the need to manually create a whole array of tasks that must be completed for a project. Availability of iManage Tracker in MS Teams and Microsoft Office is a roadmap item that will be addressed in a future release.

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook provides one view across all lists: iManage Tracker integrates with Microsoft Outlook. The iManage Tracker panel enables users to view, create, and update tasks across projects. Open the checklist for a task, and communicate and collaborate with team members, drag emails into the panel to add them as tasks, and so on. Daily mails sent to users' Outlook inbox provide an aggregated view of the tasks assigned to them and track the tasks they assigned to others. The feature to import Microsoft Word documents task lists to iManage Tracker is also available. 
  • Solution that is built around the unit of work: iManage Tracker is a collaboration solution built around the unit of work, that is, matters in iManage Work. Since each checklist containing the task list is linked to a specific matter, assignees know the context of the work instead of operating in a silo. Project management and task assignees can use the web interface to quickly shuffle between the various matters they work on to access the checklist and their tasks for each of them.
  • Full integration with the document management system: Since iManage Tracker is part of the iManage Work platform, no additional setup or effort is required for learning a new tool. The tasks and documents are all available in iManage Work, right where the users work. The experience is familiar, quick, intuitive, and integrated as tasks are linked to documents and folders within iManage Work and users have one-click access to the content they need to complete a task. Summed up, all this positively impacts the productivity of the work force as there is a zero learning curve.
  • Single source of information for enhanced collaboration: iManage Tracker provides an overview of who is assigned what, when is the due date, task hierarchy, what's overdue or completed, and who is the bottleneck. What's more, custom columns can be created—for example, to display priority or any other relevant detail to be tracked. Notes added to the task itself do away with the need to send emails to assignees to convey the instructions for executing the tasks. 
  • Bridging the gap between tasks and content: Work can get done faster as the obligation and the content required are connected and located in one place. The information is available in one place and not scattered in emails, documents, notepads, and various other sources and applications. Existing checklists scattered across these varied sources can be imported to iManage Tracker in a few simple steps. This frees up time for the work that matters the most and keeps everyone focused by avoiding multiple channels for information sharing and collaborating. Users don't need to go back and forth between where tasks are and where the content is located. 
  • Enhanced visibility for personal and team task management: Project managers can use iManage Work to track their and the team’s tasks in one place and quickly access the content related to a task. Billable time can be spent working on high value deliverables instead of managing projects. Project managers can know at a glance where work stands across matters and teams and reduce the possibility of missing deadlines by pinpointing risks, removing roadblocks, and following up. iManage Tracker sends emails about updates to the checklists and users, which project managers follow, enabling timely action for course correction if any delay or deviation is noticed. In case of task dependencies, users can view other users' tasks and also receive emails about any updates to the same.
  • Sharing with stakeholders: The task checklists can be exported as Microsoft Word documents or CSVs that are reader-friendly. These files are editable and can be shared with other stakeholders in the organization. These can be further processed and used for report-generation and dissemination of information to internal and external sources.
  • Safety, security, and governance of content: Being part of the iManage Work secure platform, iManage Tracker is safe and governed by the high-level security and access policies set by the administrator. Need-to know access, content segregation, and ethical walls ensure that content is visible only to the individuals it's meant for.