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iManage Tracker is a matter-centric task management service that enables you to manage tasks, track progress, and get work done‚Äďall integrated with iManage Work. It provides an overview of who is assigned what, when is the due date, task hierarchy, and what's overdue or completed. The information is available in one place and not scattered in emails, documents, notepads, and various other sources and applications. In fact, you can import existing checklists from these varied sources and then track all tasks from within the secure iManage Work platform.

The iManage Tracker panel in Microsoft Outlook can be used to view and update tasks and access the documents for the tasks. You can drag emails into the panel to add them as tasks.

To ensure that you can take timely action, you receive regular email updates about the checklists and users that you choose to follow. iManage Tracker also enables you to export the task checklist for a matter and share it with stakeholders or to import it to other matters where you need to track similar tasks.

Use iManage Tracker to perform the following tasks: