Installing iManage Work Desktop for Mac

  1. Double-click the iManage Work Desktop for Mac.pkg file. The Install iManage Work for Mac wizard appears.


    If you are installing on macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur , a system-generated message is displayed asking you to give the application access to resources on your Mac. For more information, see Security configuration.

  2. Follow the instructions on the wizard and complete the installation. A message is displayed after the application is installed.

  3. Select Close to exit the wizard.


If you see a message about the installer file not being opened because it is from an unidentified developer, go to System Preferences > General > Allow apps downloaded from and select Anywhere.

When you run the iManage Work Desktop for Mac installer for the first time on Apple M1-based Macs, you are prompted to install Rosetta 2 if it is not already installed. Select Install and continue. If you select Not now, iManage Work Desktop for Mac installation cannot proceed and the ineligible for installation message appears.


The Node.js package that iManage Work Desktop for Mac uses requires Rosetta 2 to be installed on Apple M1-based Macs. This additional installation will not be required when Node.js publishes a build for Apple M1-based Macs.

Silent installation

In the Terminal, navigate to the directory where the iManage Work Desktop for mac.pkg file exists. Run the following command to silently install the application:

sudo installer -store -pkg "./iManage Work Desktop for mac.pkg" -target /