Verifying iManage Work for Mac Installation

Application installation

After running the application installer successfully and quitting the installer wizard, verify that the:

  • iManage Agent menulet appears in the Mac menu bar

  • iManage Agent icon is added to the dock


From version 10.2.3 onwards, the iManage Agent shortcut is not added to the desktop after installation. If you upgrade from version earlier than this, the shortcut is removed from the desktop after the upgrade.

Connection to iManage Work

Select iManage Agent images/download/thumbnails/81010155/Menulet.png menulet in the menu bar and then select Open iManage Work. Verify that you are logged in with the correct credentials and can view the landing page.

Application integration

  • Right-click any integrated application file and verify that you see the Upload to iManage Work option.

  • Open the Services menu of any integrated application and verify that it displays iManage options.