Changing the path for unpacking Chromium binaries


From 10.5.0 onwards, only iManage Work Panel and iManage Tracker use DotNetBrowser Chromium control. Sign-in forms, integrated application pickers, and integrated application task panes are integrated with Microsoft Edge WebView2.

Earlier when the DotNetBrower executed for the first time, its binaries got unpacked to the user's temp directory. In some organizations, binaries are not allowed to execute from this location unless whitelisted. Now the default path for unpacking Chromium binaries is %Appdata%\iManage\Work\chromium as this location is always accessible to users. The ChromiumDirectory registry setting at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\iManage\Work\10.0\Common\Options enables users to change this default path for unpacking the binaries.


Ensure that the location is unique per user and is not a shared location.