If using the client-side Send and File feature, see Appendix D - Configuring Microsoft Exchange rule for client-side Send and File to prevent bounce back of emails.

You can use the imEMM.config file to customize the user experience of Email Management provided by iManage Work Desktop for Windows. You can use the following options:

If your iManage Work administrator changes the settings in the application configuration files and the files are downloaded to your machine, Microsoft Outlook detects and applies the changes in the background. You can then see the latest configurations without restarting the application.


This feature does not apply to ribbon bar customizations or other settings which are only read once by Microsoft Office during application launch.

Options for the Select Filing Location dialog box





Show or hide the filing options in the Select Filing Location dialog box and the iManage Work toolbar in Microsoft Outlook.

0 (No filing)

1 (Delete is visible by default)

2 (Private is visible by default)

3 (Delete and Private are visible by default)

4 (Print is visible by default)

5 (Delete and Print are visible by default)

6 (Private and Print are visible by default)

7 (All three options are visible by default) Default

15 (Add the Send, File, and Approve Email check box)


"DisplayFilingOptions": 7


The same setting will apply to the Email Management (EM) task pane too.



Specify which filing options should be selected by default in the Select Filing Location dialog box.

NOTE: This option determines the initial settings displayed when users launch Outlook. Once the users select or clear any option manually, the manual selections persist whenever Outlook is relaunched.

0 (None selected) Default

1 (Delete is selected by default)

2 (Private is selected by default)

3 (Delete and Private are selected by default)

4 (Print is selected by default)

5 (Delete and Print are selected by default)

6 (Private and Print are selected by default)

7 (All three options are selected by default)


"DefaultFilingOptions": 0


The same setting will apply to the Email Management (EM) task pane too.


Set the value for the maximum number of clients or matters shown in the client and matter autocomplete lookups.

Default value: 1000

Maximum value: 9999


Show the multi-selection list control by default.

1 (True) Default

0 (False)


"EnableMultiSelection": 1

If you set the value to 1, the screen appears as follows:


If you set it to 0, the screen appears as follows:



Specify whether Search for Workspaces should be the default option.

1 (True) Default

0 (False)


"SearchforWorkspaces": 1



Show or hide the Send Only button.


"ShowSendOnly": 1

1 (True) Default

0 (False)


Show or hide the Send and File button.


"ShowSendAndFile": 1

1 (True) Default

0 (False)


Prompt you to file emails (using the Select Filing Location dialog box) while sending emails.



1 (show the dialog box) Default

0 (do not show the dialog box)


NOTE: If set to zero, automatic searches are not triggered and have to be manually triggered by the user.

Set the interval value (in milliseconds) for automatically searching the workspace in the Select Filing Location/Browse and File dialog box.



Default value: 1000

Recommendation: 1000 - 5000 milliseconds


NOTE: If you are deploying iManage Work Desktop for Windows to a multi-user environment (such as Citrix), you should remap the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iManage\Work\10.0\EMM\WorkspaceView registry key to the users' roaming profile to retain the changes made to their column settings.

Defines the default columns and the available columns in the Send and File dialog box, Browse and File dialog box, and the filing dialog box in the iManage Work toolbar.

DefaultColumns defines the columns that should appear in the Send and File dialog box, Browse and File dialog box, and the filing dialog box in the iManage Work toolbar by default. AvailableProperties defines the additional columns that a user can add to their workspace either by right-clicking a existing column or selecting the cog icon (images/download/thumbnails/122403202/gear.png ) and then selecting More.

NOTE: Define the width for all properties added to DefaultColumns-for example, { "Property": "imProfileName", "Width": 100 }.

Default columns:

  • imProfileName

  • imProfileCustom1

  • imProfileCustom1Description

  • imProfileCustom2

  • imProfileCustom2Description

For the list of additional columns that can be added, refer to Appendix G: Supported property names to customize filing dialog boxes.


"WorkspaceView": {

{ "Property": "imProfileName", "Width": 100 },
{ "Property": "imProfileCustom1", "Width": 50 },
{ "Property": "imProfileCustom2", "Width": 50 }


Enable the mouse-hover display, which lets you see the following in the Select Filing Location dialog box tree view:

  • Database name

  • Workspace name

  • Folder name

NOTE: This option applies only to the Browse and File and Select Filing Locations dialog boxes and not the iManage Work toolbar in Microsoft Outlook.

1 (show)

0 (hide) Default





Persist your selections when the Select Filing Location dialog box is relaunched.



1 (True)

0 (False) Default


Specify the maximum number of terms to be displayed in the search history when you search for workspace or folder in the Select Filing Location dialog box.

Default value: 10

Recommendation: 5 - 50





Enable the Send and File option when sending an attachment from another application.



1 (Enabled) Default

0 (Disabled)

Client-side filing options

In iManage Work 10.2 and later, the iwWCS.exe process is available individually on each user's machine to handle different filing related tasks (similar to the iManage Work Communications Server that communicates with the iManage Work Server to handle server-side filing). The iwWCS.exe starts running as soon as the users' machines are started.


  • iManage Agent Service must be installed on the users' machines to ensure that the iwWCS.exe process starts automatically.

  • The UseClientSideFiling option does NOT use the iwWCS.exe process.

The following options are available in the wcs_config group to enable you to configure the client-side filing behavior.





By default, the Microsoft Outlook client uses client-side filing even if the server supports server-side filing when:

  • Using the File option or

  • Users drag-and-drop emails into the iManage Work panel.

If this option is disabled, server-side filing is used if available.

NOTE: UseClientSideFiling does not control the filing behavior of the Send and File action, or the Inbox Filer and Sent Items Filer.

1 (Client side filing) Default

0 (Use server side filing when possible)


Enable this option if you want to use client-side filing for the Send and File action.

1 (Enabled)

0 (Disabled) Default


When using client-side Send and File (from the Sent Items folder), this option controls whether the BCC information should be retained or not.

The default setting is off, which means that messages filed using client-side Send and File will contain BCC information that may be visible to other recipients/users in the firm. If you do not want BCC information saved in iManage Work along with the message, enable this option by setting it to 1.

NOTE: This setting is used with the client-side Send and File only.



1 (Remove)

0 (Do not remove) Default


Enable Inbox Filer so that it can monitor and file all the emails in your Inbox that are sent with a luggage tag in the subject and no iManage Work folder email address in the recipient field, and then files the emails and marks them as filed.

NOTE: Inbox Filer and Send and File are configured separately. If you enable Send and File and disable Inbox Filer, only the Send and File feature works. If you enable Inbox Filer then both Send and File and Inbox filer work. You cannot disable Send and File by enabling Inbox Filer.



TRUE (enabled)

FALSE (disabled) Default


Time duration in seconds after which the Inbox Filer process is invoked. The default interval is 120 which means that the Inbox Filer runs after every 2 minutes to check for and file emails.



Default value (in seconds): 120


The number of days Inbox Filer needs to regress to look for emails. The default value is 30 days (1 month).



Default value: 30


Inbox Filer processes emails only if the maximum number of recipients in the email is less than SyncRecipientsLimit. Change the default value as desired to ensure that general emails sent to a large number of people or the entire organization do not get filed.



Default value: 50


Enable this option to ensure that client-side filing is used for mapped folder.



TRUE (enabled)

FALSE (disabled) Default


Use this option to ignore certain type of email messages while processing mapped folders. Separate the message classes by semicolon.



Default value: IPM.Note.WorkSite.Ems.Error

(Message class for emails that could not be filed to iManage Work and resulted in an error.)


By default, the emails in mapped folders are processed in a batch of 10. Once the first 10 emails are processed, the next 10 are processed, and so on.

NOTE: After the emails are processed, it may take the Inbox Filer a time ranging from 1 to 10 minutes to mark them as filed.



Default value: 10


The number of filing and marking attempts to make before ignoring an email in a mapped folder.



Default value: 15


Time duration in minutes after which the mapped folders process is invoked. The default interval is 360 minutes which means that the process runs after every 6 hours to check for and file emails.

Default value (in minutes): 360


Enable this option to ensure that processing of mapped folders begins as soon as the iwWCS process starts; without waiting for the MappedFolderInterval to elapse.



TRUE (enabled)

FALSE (disabled) Default


The time duration in minutes for which Inbox filer waits before processing new emails.



Default value: 15


Enables or disables the feature to set the change the email description when using Send and File option.

Note: ClientSideSendAndFile option must also be enabled to enable this feature.


"EnableChangeDescription": 1

Default value: 1

1 (Enabled)

0 (Disabled)


Determines whether messages are marked as queued before filing when using client-side filing.

NOTE: Does not apply to server-side filing or filing in offline mode.


"MarkAsQueuedBeforeFiling": 0

Default: 0

1 (Do not queue if running in Exchange Online mode)

0: Always

Offline filing options





The records of filed emails that are maintained in the offline filing tables are deleted automatically after 7 days. Modify this value to keep the records for a longer or shorter duration.

Default value: 7


Since there may be a limit for the amount of data that can be sent using RestAPI, the emails are batched before they are sent to Work Communication Server. By default, 10 emails are sent together for one iManage Work location. If there are multiple locations from different libraries, the emails are processed in a batch based on the libraries.

Default value: 10


If there are errors during filing the process, filing is attempted up to FilingRetryCount times. The count is incremented by 1 for each filing attempt. After reaching the default value, no further attempt is made to file to the emails and they are marked as Error at the last attempt.

Default value: 7


Specify the delay in seconds after which emails previously filed offline are uploaded post a successful server connection.


"OfflineFilingDelayAfterConnect": 15

Default value:15

Additional options





Specify whether Outlook should automatically connect to the iManage Work Server when it starts.


"LoginOnStartup": 0

1 (True) Default

0 (False)


Specify whether the filing location should be added to the CC or BCC field of filed emails.


This setting is applied to emails filed using the Send and File feature and is available for both client-side and server-side filing.

2 (CC) Default

3 (BCC)


Add this option to display the Send, File, and Approve drop-down option for the Send Only button in the Select Filing Location dialog box.

1 (Enabled)

0 (Disabled) Default


Remove the luggage tag for emails that are not filed while sending (that is, if the Send Only button is selected).


"RemoveLuggageTagForSendOnly": 1

1 (Remove) Default

0 (Do not remove)


Specify whether to include the luggage tag in the subject line.

1 (True) Default

0 (False)


Customize the luggage tag to display one or more Custom Attribute fields. For example, you might configure the luggage tag to display only the Matter Number, or to show the Client, Engagement, and Year fields.


"ConfigKeyFormat": "53.54"

where 53 = Custom29 and 54 = Custom30.

Also, "." is a mandatory delimiter between items. The only supported values are Custom1 through Custom12, Custom29, and Custom30.


  • Custom1 through Custom12 = 25 through 36

  • Custom29 = 53

  • Custom30 = 54

For more information on numeric values for supported custom fields, see Appendix A - Custom Attribute IDs .


  • The workspace where you are filing the email should include the default "E-mails" folder, and should have the same custom values already set. You can specify the default email folder using the iManage Work Server registry setting, Default Email Folder. For more information, see Appendix C - Server Configuration Options of iManage Work Server Administration Guide.

  • The EnableClientMatterTagFormat option value should be set to 1 (Client.Matter) or 2 (Client.Matter + FID).

Default value: "25.26"

where 25 = Custom1 and 26 = Custom2


Specify ID of the organization for the luggage tag. Limit it to 3-5 characters; no special characters allowed.

Default value: IMAN


Use it for upgrading the old database to a new one.



Default value: IWOV


Decide the luggage tag location: end of the subject or beginning of the subject.



1 (end of the subject) Default

0 (beginning of the subject)


Specify the maximum number of locations to be displayed under Suggested Locations.

Default value: 5

Recommendation: 1 - 20


Specify whether suggested filing locations must be displayed when the email recipients change.

TRUE (enabled) Default

FALSE (disabled)


Specify the maximum number of locations to display under Recent Locations.

Default value: 10

Recommendation: 1 - 20


Specify the maximum number of recipients (email addresses) to be used to calculate suggestions.



Default value: 4

Recommendation: 1 - 20


Disable default filing location suggestions by iManage Work. Set the value to 1 if you see performance issues while opening or selecting an email.



1 (disable default suggestions)

0 (allow suggestions) Default


Specify whether encrypted emails should be saved while sending.



1 (do not save)

0 (save) Default


Specify whether emails should be permanently deleted if the Delete option is selected while sending emails.



1 (delete permanently)

0 (do not delete permanently) Default


Specify whether folder ID (FID), Client.Matter, or both Client.Matter and FID should be added to the luggage tag. Use this option in conjunction with the ConfigKeyFormat option, which enables you to specify the Custom Attribute fields.

0 (FID) Default

1 (Client.Matter)

2 (Client.Matter + FID)


Hide the workspace and folder names in the email address when the folder is selected for filing.



1 (hide)

0 (show) Default


To ensure that all emails are filed as private even when they are filed to public folders, enable this option. When enabled, the following behavior is seen:

  • File As Private option appears selected whenever Outlook is launched.

  • Files emails privately even if users uncheck the private filing option on the iManage Work toolbar or the filing location dialog box. The check box appears selected again after Microsoft Outlook is restarted.

  • Applies to all filed emails (filed using both client-side and server-side filing) and even to emails that filed by dragging them into iManage folders.

  • Overrides the DefaultValueForPrivate option and the settings it contains are ignored.



1 (True)

0 (False) Default


Select or clear the File As Private option by default.

0: The File As Private option is not selected and the user selection is retained temporarily for the current session.(Default)

1: The File As Private option is selected and the user selection is retained temporarily for the current session.

2: The File As Private option is not selected and the user selection is retained for the next Outlook session.


Save email to iManage Work while sending.



1 (True)

0 (False) Default


File email as Private if mail item Sensitivity is set to PRIVATE.



1 (Yes) Default

0 (No)


Enable or disable the email management features in Outlook. When you disable email management the following changes occur:

  • Quick File and File right-click options for Outlook items are hidden.

  • iManage Work toolbar is hidden everywhere it appears in Outlook folder views and dialog boxes.

  • Link to iManage right-click option is hidden for folders and users are not prompted to link new folders they create.

  • Secure Send option is hidden.

  • File and Filing Details options on the iManage Work ribbon are hidden.


The Insert iManage Attachment option continues to be displayed for new email messages and new/existing calendar items even though the iManage Work toolbar is hidden.



1 (Enabled) Default

0 (Disabled)


Enable or disable the iManage Work Panel in Microsoft Outlook by showing/hiding the Work Panel ribbon bar button.

1 (Enabled) Default

0 (Disabled)


Configure the iManage Work Panel to open by default when Microsoft Outlook is started.

1 (always display)

2 (never display)

0 (display if it was visible before previous exit from Outlook) Default


Configure if the iManage Work Panel should be initialized on Microsoft Outlook startup. Initialization can delay Outlook startup by a few seconds.

If this is not enabled, users may experience a delay instead when the iManage Work Panel is displayed.


"InitializeWorkPaneOnStartup": 0

1 (Always initialize on startup)

0 (Do not initialize unless iManage Work panel is being shown on startup) Default


Number of seconds it takes for the iManage Work panel to appear after Microsoft Outlook startup.

10 (seconds) Default

Minimum: 1


Configure the languages available for searching in the Browse and File and Select Filing Location dialog box.

As desired, remove languages from the default value or change the order in which they appear. You cannot include any additional languages.





Specify the maximum number of attachments that should be saved when multiple emails are selected and Save Attachments is selected.

Default value: 50

Recommendation: 1 - 100


Specify the maximum number of emails that should be considered when multiple emails are selected and Save Attachments is selected.


The number of attachments saved is dependent on the MaxAttachmentsToSave option. For example, let us consider that you set MaxEmailsForSaveAttachments to 10 and MaxAttachmentsToSave to 50. If you select seven emails and five of them collectively include 50 attachments, then the attachments in the remaining two emails will not be saved.



Default value: 50

Recommendation: 1 - 256


Specify the location of the legacy suggestion database. This feature is useful after you upgrade, because the old suggestions can be made available in the new environment too.



Not applicable


Specify the suffix for Inbox folders that are linked to iManage Work folders.

Default value: [Work]


During the Outlook startup process, the icons in the Outlook tree are painted to indicate folders linked to iManage Work. If a mailbox contains a large number of linked folders, the startup process might be slower. iManage has introduced two keys to control the painting behavior for a set time duration.

0 (will not run the Timer Paint function to paint linked folder icons)

3 (Runs the Timer Paint function thrice to set the icon for linked folders for 5 seconds which is the default paint interval. The maximum time that this function spends is 15 seconds.) Default and recommended


Configure this value to set the time in each paint cycle. After the duration is complete, no more icons are painted to avoid additional delay in startup.

Default value: 5 (time in seconds)


Prompt users to link to an iManage Work folder when they create a folder in Outlook.


"ShowPromptOnFolderCreate": 1

1 (prompt) Default

0 (do not prompt)


Control the behavior of the File message as Private option available in the Link Folder to iManage dialog box.


"FileMessageAsPrivate": 0

0 (visible, but not selected) Default

1 (visible and selected. If the folder was previously linked, then the value from the folder is used)

2 (grayed out and not selected)

3 (grayed out and selected by default. The user cannot change this value. For previously linked folder, the value is based on whether the folder was linked as private or not)


Enable or disable the Secure Send feature, which enables you to:

  • Upload files to iManage Share if the attachment size exceeds the threshold.

  • Control access to the attachment by specifying the duration for which the attachment link is active, and whether recipients can give access to additional users.

For more information about the Secure Send feature, refer to iManage Work Desktop for Windows online help.

1 (Enable) Default

0 (Disable)


Specify the attachment size limit (in bytes) for the Secure Send feature. If attachment exceeds this limit, it is uploaded to iManage Share.




The maximum value is 2147483647. Setting a higher value causes an error and will not parse the file correctly.

Default value/Maximum value: 2147483647 (in bytes)

Recommendation: 1 - 20 MB


Specify the number of characters to enter, after which search is triggered.


"MinimumCharsWorkspaceSearch": 3

Default value: 3

Minimum value: 1


Specify if attaching an NRL link in an email should add an HTML link in the email body.


"InsertLinkAsAttachmentOnly": 0

Default value: 0

0 (insert both NRL and HTML link)

1 (insert NRL only)


Specify if copying folders from Outlook to an iManage Work workspace or a folder is enabled or disabled.

"EnableCopyFolder": 1

Default value: 1

0 (disabled)

1 (enabled)


Specify if moving folders from Outlook to an iManage Work workspace or a folder is enabled or disabled.

"EnableMoveFolder": 1

Default value: 1

0 (disabled)

1 (enabled)


Specify the default behavior when users drag emails to iManage folders in the Work Panel. When enabled, the emails are moved to the iManage folder and the Delete Items folder in Microsoft Outlook.

"DefaultDragAndDropIsMove": 0

Default value: 0

0 (copy)

1 (move)


Specify if users can search across all databases in the Browse and File and Select Filing Location dialog boxes.

"AllowSearchAllDatabasesInBrowseDlg": 1

Default value: 1

0 (disabled)

1 (enabled)


Specify if the File To check box in a new email window must get selected automatically when a suggested filing location is available.

"AutoSelectFileTo": 0

1 (select)

0 (do not select) Default


Use this option to set the default filing action in Send and File dialog box.


Default value: 6001

6000 (Cancel)

6001 (Send Only)

6002 (Send and File)

6003 (Delete After Sending)

6004 (Send and File As Private)

6005 (Send and File with Print)


Use this option to disable the warning message stating that there are recipients in the Bcc field.


Default value: 0

1 (Do not show the warning message)

0 (Show the warning message)


Specify the old suffix value for Microsoft Outlook folders that are linked to iManage Work folders. This is for use if you have changed from one folder suffix to another, so that folders with the old suffix are still recognized as linked folders.


Default value: [WorkSite]


Use this option to configure the frequency with which you check for messages that were filed offline, and then if found, attempts to file them. The unit is in seconds (600 = 10 minutes).


Default value: 600 seconds


Use this option to allow database names to be masked in the luggage tag in email subject.

The mapping can be specified in key:value pairs. Multiple maps can be separated by commas—for example, {"DB1":"DB1Alias","DB2":"DB2Alias"} .

"DatabaseMappings": {}


If the value is 1 (true), EMM sets the Chromium Directory. If this is set to 0, EMM will not specify the Chromium Directory.

The default is 1 and should not be changed unless recommended by iManage Customer Support.

"SetChromiumDir": 1


It is not recommended to set the value to 0 unless specified by the iManage Customer Support as it can lead to grey screen issues in the iManage Work Pane.

Default: 1 (recommended)

1 (Sets Chromium Directory)

0 (Do not set Chromium Directory)


Specify the time in seconds to wait/sleep before calculating the suggestion when opening an email.

"WaitTimeForSuggestion": 1


This is a tuning setting that should not be changed without consulting the iManage Customer Support.

Default value: 1 second


Specify the comma delimited list of Microsoft Outlook message classes that are allowed to change when filing messages to iManage Work Desktop for Windows.

If a message class is not in this list, then the message class in the copy of the message in Microsoft Exchange is not changed when filing the message to iManage Work Desktop for Windows. IPM.Note is supported by default.

"SupportedMessageClassesForFiling": ""

Default: IPM.Note


Specify if the Map Subfolders option in the Link folder to iManage dialog box should be enabled or disabled.


"EnableMapSubfolders": 1

Default: 1

1 (enabled)

0 (disabled)


Specifies the time in seconds to wait before updating the suggestion in the message window after filing the message.


"SuggestionDelayAfterFiling": 1

Default: 1


Enables Send and File functionality when sending an attachment from another application.



Default: 1

1 (enabled)

0 (disabled)


Enables Notify Marked Folder functionality.


"NotifyDirtyFolder": 1

Default: 1

1 (enabled)

0 (disabled)


Describes the maximum number of folders to monitor for Marked Folders Notification.


"DirtyFoldersCountForNotification": 100

Default: 100


Enables filing emails that are older than the Microsoft Outlook cache.



Default: TRUE




Defines the time intervals between retries of email filing operation.


"RetryIntervals": "30m,2h,1d"

NOTE: Valid units are m (minute), h (hours), d (day) and w (week). Values are comma-delimited. Each comma-delimited element of the configuration can have only one unit. For example, 1h 30m is not a valid value to designate 1 hour and 30 minutes. Use 90m instead, in that case.

Default: "30m,2h,1d"

Representing 30 minutes for the first retry, 2 hours after the first retry for the 2nd retry and 1 day later for the 3rd retry

Deprecated option(s)

  • The LimitClientMatterInSearchResults configuration option is deprecated and the MaxClientMatterSearchResults option is introduced instead.

  • The ShowClientMatter and ShowClientMatterDescription options are deprecated and the WorkspaceView option is introduced instead.

  • The ExcludedMessageClassesForFiling option is deprecated and SupportedMessageClassesForFiling is introduced instead.

  • The WebLocale option is deprecated. The UI language for the iManage Work Panel can now be set using iwLocale option. See imWorkOptions.xml section for more information.

  • The PrintSentItems is deprecated.