You can control when updates should be available to your users by do the following:

  1. Customize the update.ini file.

  2. Sign the update.ini file using the ConfigFileSigner.exe utility. For more information about how to sign files, refer to Security to Auto Update feature.

  3. Open iManage Control Center and select Client Setup > Office Office Configuration. 

  4. Select the Add File button to upload the following files one at a time:

    • update.ini

    • updateinfo.json

    • sign.txt

    • pubcert.crt (this is the public key file)

The files are downloaded to %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\CentralizedConfigs by iManage Work Desktop for Windows and iManage Updater reads all information from these files. If these files aren’t available in the CentralizedConfigs folder, iManage Updater checks in the following location: %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\Configs.