How can I view iManage Work Agent logs?

To capture errors, iManage Work Agent generates log files that are located in the %localappdata%\iManage\Work\Logs folder along with the other iManage Work Desktop for Windows log files. These files are named in the following format:

iwAgent.10.9.x.<build number><date>.log

To view detailed debugging information in these iManage Work Agent log files, open the logconfig.xml file in the iManage Work Desktop for Windows installation directory and set the logging level to "DEBUG".


The iManage UpdateManagerService reads the copy of LogConfig.xml located in %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\configs. To configure the log level for iManage UpdateManagerService and iManageStayExec, copy the edited version of the LogConfig.xml file to the following location: %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\configs.

What happens if you change Update Settings?

When you change Update Settings, the iManageUpdateManagerService log file, located in the %ProgramData%\iManage\AgentServices\Logs folder logs that the Auto Updates settings have changed, and states the setting value and the name of the changed channel.