Build (February 2021)

General improvements

To improve the overall usability and performance, several fixes have been added. In particular,

  • Resolved issues related to attaching emails.
  • Resolved issues related to opening documents using iManage Work Classic Clients.

Build (October 2020)

Change iManage Work Desktop for Windows UI language

You can now easily change the language for all the iManage Work Desktop for Windows components—for example, iManage ribbon, dialog boxes, iManage Work Panel, without having to change your Microsoft Windows language. A new configuration iwLocale is now available that allows you to set the iManage Work Desktop for Windows UI language in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook. You can set up any language that iManage Work Desktop for Windows supports. Contact your administrator if you need to the change the UI language.

NOTE: The supported languages are English (default), French (France), German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

What’s New in iManage Drive

Build: 10.3.1 (October 2020)

Select folders to sync

You can selectively sync only the folders that you need within a workspace and choose not to sync email and other rarely used folders to your mapped drive. This reduces the amount of content synced locally and keeps the metadata in iManage Drive focused on what is relevant to you. Selective syncing also improves the sync performance. The I want to select which folders to sync option is enabled by default on the matter selection screen and folder selection screen lists all folders and subfolders for the selected workspaces. You can select the desired ones for syncing.

Beta installer for Mac

Install and test the iManage Drive for Mac installer before its general release using the beta version of the installer that is available now. Select workspaces from iManage Work, sync them to your Mac and work with the files in these workspaces using your Mac anytime and anywhere. If you are interested in participating in the Drive for Mac beta, contact your account executives.

Previous release: iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.2.7

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