Accessing PDF document versions

To view the Document Versions pane, select Versions on the iManage tab. The versions of the document are listed.

The following information is provided for the document:

  • File type icon

  • Document name

  • Document number

  • Latest version number

  • Date and time of last modification

  • File size

The following information is provided for each version:

  • Version number

  • Lock icon (if the version is open)

  • File type icon

  • Name and initials of the user who created the version

  • Date and time of creation

  • File size

  • Comments (if any)

You can access the following features from the images/download/thumbnails/74457163/Menu.png menu that is available for each version:

  • Open

  • Print

  • Add to My Favorites

  • Declare as Record

  • Edit Comment


The Compare option is available only for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.