Accessing document versions


To see a list of document versions, select Versions on the iManage tab. Alternatively, select Versions on the Home tab in the iManage group.


The Versions option on the Home tab is available only for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The list includes:

  • Version number

  • User who created the version

  • Date and time of modification

  • File size

  • Comments, if any

You can also perform the following actions from the kebab menu (images/download/thumbnails/137370131/Menu.png ):

  • Open

  • Add to My Favorites

  • Declare as Record

  • Compare


    Select Compare to open the Compare iManage Documents dialog box using the default Office Comparison Tool (available only in Word and PowerPoint). By default, the selected version is autofilled in the Original document field, and the version you have open is autofilled in the Revised document field. You can change this by selecting different options from the drop-down menu.

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