Accessing filing details in Microsoft Outlook

You can access the Filing Details panel in Microsoft Outlook using keyboard shortcuts by doing the following:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and press ALT and then press the shortcut key displayed to navigate to the iManage tab. For example, if the iManage tab is available as part of the Home tab in Microsoft Outlook, then press ALT and press H to open the Home tab.

  2. Press the shortcut key displayed in Microsoft Outlook to access the Filing Details option available on the iManage tab. For example, press Y5 to access Filing Details. The Filing Details panel appears.

  3. Use TAB and the UP/DOWN, or RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys to navigate through the Filing Details panel. Press ENTER to save your changes, if any. You can also press ENTER to expand or open the links provided within the Filing Details panel. Use ENTER to select or clear the checkboxes available in the Filing Details panel when the checkbox is highlighted.