Adding links and attachments in emails by using the Panel

  1. Open a new email in Microsoft Outlook, and reduce the size of the Outlook window or undock the iManage Work panel.

  2. Navigate to the desired iManage Work folder in the panel, and select the file(s) (email/document) whose link you want to add to the email.
    (Optional) To select multiple iManage Work files, hover over the files and select the check box that appears for each file.
    (Optional) To view a document or an email in its native application before you add it to an email, double-click the document or email in the list. A single click opens the document on the preview page.


    Only Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat files open in their native application when you double-click them in the panel. All other type of documents and emails open in the preview mode.

  3. Drag the iManage Work files to the email body. Links (NRL and URL) to the selected files are added to the email.

    Press the Ctrl key, and drag the files into the open email to insert a local copy of the files as an attachment.
    Press the Ctrl+Shift keys and drag the files into the open email to insert a local copy and links (NRL & URL) into the open email.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add links to the items in other iManage Work folders.

Alternatively, use the Insert iManage Attachment option in the email window to send files as attachments. For more information, see Inserting iManage Work attachment.