Additional features when working with PDF files

From version 10.6.0 onwards, when using iManage Work Desktop for Windows with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can:


  • These enhancements are not available when using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • When combining two PDF files, a new PDF file is created and can be saved to iManage Work using the iManage Save As option.

  • Navigating to File > Create > Create from File opens the native Microsoft Windows file picker dialog box instead of the iManage Open dialog box.

  • Accessing any of the following options available in Tools opens the native Microsoft Window file picker dialog box instead of iManage file picker dialog box.

    • Organize Pages

    • Edit PDF

    • Export PDF

    • Rich Media

    • Request Signatures

    • Fill & Sign

    • Certificates

    • Comment

    • Stamp

    • Measure

    • Protect

    • Redact

    • PDF Standards

    • Optimize PDF

    • Print Production

    • Accessibility

    • Create Custom Tool

    • Action Wizard

    • Index

    • JavaScript

  • When creating PDF files using Multiple Files option, the newly created PDF does not open automatically. Navigate to %appdata%\Roaming\iManage\Work\Recent and select workspace or matter folder to open the file. Then save it back to iManage Work as a new version or new document.