Checking out/in multiple documents

In the Work Panel you can select single or multiple files and check out the selected version from iManage Work Web Server. You can also select multiple checked out files and check them in at the same time. The Checkout and Checkin options are available on the More Actions context menu that appears when you right-click any of the selected documents in the panel or select images/download/attachments/173909313/DocTasks.png for the document.


For this feature to work, ensure that:

  • None of the selected document versions are checked out already or are declared as records.

  • You have Read-write or Full Access to each document.

To view a document (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat) before you check it out, double-click the document in the list in the panel to open it in its native application. A single click opens the document on the preview page.

After you check out a document, it can be opened by only you for editing. You can access your checked out documents by using the Checked Out Documents filter on the Documents tab. Alternatively, select the More information arrow on the iManage Work Agent, and then select the desired checked out document to open it in the relevant application.