Connecting to iManage Work Server 10.4.0 or later


You can only connect only to one server at a time across all iManage Work applications. However, in some iManage Work dialog boxes, you can temporarily switch between the available iManage Work Servers to access documents across multiple servers. For more information, see Switching Server View in iManage Dialog Boxes.

If you have already signed in to the iManage Work Server 10.4.0 or later using Microsoft Outlook or Adobe, an additional sign in through Microsoft Office is not required.

If you are using iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.8.0 with iManage Work Server 10.3.3 or 10.3.4, the message class and green checkmark indicators are not updated when an email is filed using drag-and-drop to iManage Work Panel. For information, read the following advisor y: .

  1. On the iManage tab, select Connect, then select Choose from the list. The Login dialog box appears.

  2. In the Web address field, enter the iManage server address (for example,, and select Login.

  3. Enter your iManage sign in credentials to connect.

  4. The delayed login mode images/download/thumbnails/173905390/OfficeUnplugged.png changes to connected and authenticated images/download/thumbnails/173905390/Connected.png indicating that you have successfully connected to the server. The server appears in the Connect list. For more information, see Delayed sign in.

  5. Repeat the steps to connect to other servers. The servers are added to the Connect list.


  • By default, the login session is valid for four hours. However, this is configurable on the server side. For more information, refer to the Redis Cache Store > Update Application token inactivity time section in iManage Work Server Administration Guide. The client always checks if the token has expired before making any server calls. If the token has expired, the client automatically tries to reconnect to the last server it had connected to.

  • If the iManage Work Server is configured for trusted sign in with Kerberos, and users connect from a machine to which they have logged on to with their domain credentials, no sign in prompt appears. For more information, refer to Appendix E - Authentication Modes in iManage Work Server Administration Guide.