Create a single PDF file from any file saved in iManage Work and save it to iManage Work

  1. In Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, select Tools.

  2. Select Create PDF > Open. The Create PDF pane appears.

  3. Select Single File.

  4. Select Select a file. The iManage Open dialog box appears.

  5. Browse and select a file and then select Create.
    Alternatively, you can select Create. The iManage Open dialog box appears. Browse and select a file.
    To select a file available locally on your machine, in the iManage Open dialog box, select images/download/thumbnails/173906512/Screenshot_2021-09-06_at_8.01.50_PM.png available next to Open and then select Open local file. The native Microsoft Windows Open dialog box appears. Browse and select your file that is available in your machine.

    The PDF file starts to generate and the progress bar is displayed.
    Figure: Progress bar


    When the file is generated, the PDF file opens.

  6. Select Do one of the following:

    • File > Save to iManage to save the PDF file to iManage Work. Alternatively, use iManage > Save As to save the file to iManage Work.

    • Use iManage > Save as New Version to save the file as new version.