Creating links between documents saved to iManage Work

You can insert links to one or more documents saved to iManage Work within another document saved to iManage Work by doing the following:

  1. From iManage Work Desktop for Windows, open the document in which you want to insert the link. This document is the container document.

  2. Place the pointer where you want to insert the link.

  3. On the Home tab or the iManage tab, select Manage File Links. The iManage File Links Manager panel appears.

  4. Select Add iManage link to add a link that displays the first page of the selected source document saved to iManage Work. The iManage Insert dialog box appears.

  5. Browse and select the document you want to link to.

  6. Select Link to file. The source document now appears in the container document at the specified location as an active linked object. The iManage Links Manager panel automatically refreshes and lists the newly created links in the iManage Links section and displays the status of the linked document as follows:

    • Green tick (images/download/thumbnails/163628307/green_tick.png ): Link is fully functional and synced with iManage Drive.
      Figure: Fully functional link synced with iManage Drive

    • Cloud icon (images/download/thumbnails/163628307/cloud_icon.png ): Link is successfully created, but the parent workspace and folder are not synced in iManage Drive. Sync the parent workspace and folder by selecting Update Link or Open Link.
      Figure: Fully functional link but not synced in iManage Drive

      A green progress bar as shown in the following figure is displayed to denote sync progress. The total sync time depends on the number of items in the workspace and folder being synced.
      Figure: Sync progress


      If you do not have access to the workspace or folder in which the source document is saved, iManage Drive does not sync to the folder and the following message is displayed.

      Figure: Message displayed when you do not have access to workspace or folder


      Additionally, the following status can be displayed:

    • Blue dot (images/download/thumbnails/163628307/Screenshot_2022-01-13_at_12.40.13_PM.png ): indicates that the source document has been edited since you last opened the container document. Select Update link to download the latest content from the source document to the container document.
      Figure: Blue dot to indicate updates are available in source document

    • Checked-out icon (images/download/thumbnails/163628307/Screenshot_2022-01-13_at_12.40.30_PM.png ): denotes that the source document is checked out.
      Figure: Checked-out icon to indicate source document is checked out


  7. Save your changes.


    When you link documents using Add iManage link, the iManage link points to the latest version of the source document.

    If a new version of the source document is created after the link to the source document was created, the iManage Links Manager panel displays the latest version number available, for example—version 3. If the source document in the container document is not updated to display the content from the latest version, a blue dot (images/download/thumbnails/163628307/Screenshot_2022-01-13_at_12.40.13_PM.png ) is displayed beside the document link. However, the version number remains the same even after you select Update link.

  8. (Optional) Select images/download/thumbnails/163628307/Screenshot_2021-12-13_at_4.57.56_PM.png to perform the following actions:

    • Go to Content: if supported, takes you to the location in the open container document where the source document link is inserted.


      Go to Content is enabled in Microsoft Excel if the embedded source document was created using Paste Special.

    • Update link: refreshes the link to display the latest content from the source document.

    • Change source: allows you to change the selected link to point to a new source document.

    • Break link: removes the active link to the source document. The embedded link is still present in the container document but can no longer be updated to show new revisions in the source document.

    • Open link: opens the source document from iManage Drive for editing in its native application.


      Opening any document in iManage Drive does not automatically check out the source document from iManage Work.

    • Preview: previews the source document in a web browser.

    • Timeline: displays the document timeline of the selected source document.

    • Properties: displays the document properties of the selected source document.

Figure: Document options