Delayed sign in

iManage Work Desktop for Windows enables delayed sign in by default, meaning you are not prompted to connect to an iManage Work Server immediately when you launch Outlook or integrated Microsoft Office applications. The images/download/attachments/173909354/SnapConnect.png icon is displayed to indicate that the server is available and delayed sign in mode is active but you are not authenticated to the server.

If you perform any action that requires the desktop client to connect to the server, such as selecting the iManage Work button to display the iManage Work panel, cached information is used to connect to the server. The icon changes to images/download/attachments/173909354/Authenticated.png indicating that you are authenticated and connected to the server. You are prompted to sign in only if your token has expired.

To disable the delayed sign in feature for Microsoft Outlook and ensure that Outlook automatically connects to the iManage Work Server when it starts, set the value of the LoginOnStartup option to 1 . For more information, refer to the Additional Options table in the imEMM.config section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.