Displaying filing details in email grid

On the Home tab, in the iManage Work group, select More > iManage View to display or hide the following iManage filing details columns in the Microsoft Outlook email grid:

  • Filing Location: Path of the folder in iManage Work to which the email is filed. If the email is filed to multiple locations, the path of the first folder that is selected for filing is displayed even if this folder is not located on the iManage Work Server that you are currently connected.

  • Filing Status: Status of filing can be Filed, Queued, or Error.

  • Filing Date: Date on which the email is filed to iManage Work.


When the width of the email grid is narrow, a condensed view that does not include all columns is displayed. This is Outlook native behavior. Expand the width of the email grid in Outlook to see the filing details columns. Alternatively, select the View tab, and then select Reading Pane > Bottom.