EM task pane in Microsoft Outlook

The Email Management (EM) task pane (iManage Work toolbar) in your in Outlook folder views and email window has a search box and a drop-down list that provide the following options:

  • File emails quickly to any of the Suggested Locations or Recent Locations.

  • File emails quickly by typing in the search box to find workspaces and using the Quick File option. For more information, see Quick filing using workspace search in iManage Work toolbar.

  • File an email to multiple locations using the Browse and File option.


  • The Suggested Locations or Recent Locations options in this drop-down list and wherever they appear in the UI display locations across the different iManage Work Servers that you have recently connected to. The dialog box that appears when you select Browse and File displays locations only from the server that you are currently connected to.

  • Delete a filing location under Suggested Locations by right-clicking it and selecting Delete Suggestion(s).

The pane also has check boxes that let you perform the following tasks when emails are being filed:


If you select or clear any of these check boxes in the EM task pane in Outlook, the same settings persist in the other dialog boxes. For example, if you select the Print filing option, it appears selected in the Browse and File dialog box, the EM task panes in the new email window, and the filed email window.

You can resize or close the task pane using the Size and Close options available in the Task Pane Options images/download/thumbnails/173900394/TaskPaneOptions.png list. Alternatively, select the Close images/download/thumbnails/173900394/CloseTaskPane.png button on the right of the task pane to close it. You can also drag the width and height of the search drop-down box to expand it. The changed dimensions are retained even after closing and reopening Outlook.

The pane displays the suggested filing location (if any) for the selected email. For filed emails, the pane displays the location where the email is filed. These locations could be on any of the iManage Work Servers that that you recently connected to.

Figure: EM task pane in Outlook