Emailing a document

To send an iManage Work document as an email attachment:

  1. Ensure that your edits are saved to iManage Work before emailing the link.

  2. On the iManage tab, select Send Link. Alternatively, select Send Link in the iManage group on the Home tab.


    The Send Link option on the Home tab option is available only for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    This launches a new email in Outlook with a link to the document attached as:

    1. NRL: this opens the document directly in the relevant Office application.

    2. URL: this opens the document in iManage Work.

Smart document check

Documents sent through iManage Work by using either the Attach File option in Outlook or File Share from Office applications include intelligent information. When the document is returned to the recipient, the recipient is prompted to save it as a New Version in its original location.


The feature is available only with Office 2013 and 2016 (or later) file formats, and it is suppressed if the document is cleaned with a Metadata Remover.