File picker dialog box health check

In the earlier versions of iManage Work Desktop for Windows, when you encountered blank file picker dialogs, you had to press CTRL+F5 to reload the dialog box, which in some cases did not resolve the issue. In addition, there was no proper information available that could help iManage Support team to troubleshoot the issue.

To address this issue, an error banner is now displayed similar to the one shown in the following figure. The error banner is displayed for Browse/Select, O pen, Save, and Save as new version dialogs boxes.

Figure: File picker dialog box error banner


When you select Refresh to reload the dialog box, the file picker dialog box

  • deletes any pre-loaded Microsoft WebView2 browser instance.

  • removes local Microsoft WebView2 data cache folder used by the picker instance.

  • re-creates Microsoft WebView2 browser instance.

If selecting Refresh does not address the issue, you can select Copy details to clipboard to copy the following details from machine to report for escalation.

  • Timestamp

  • Error reason (if available)

  • Running application name

  • Running application version

  • iManage Work Desktop for Windows version

  • iManage Work version

  • Picker (base) URL

  • Picker C# class name

  • Microsoft Windows machine name

  • Microsoft Windows domain name

  • Microsoft Windows OS version