Filing emails offline

You can file emails using the Send and File feature even when you are not connected to an iManage Work Server or when your network connection is unavailable. You can file emails to recent filing locations and the suggestions available in your local suggestion database. The email is queued, and is sent and filed when the connection is established.

  1. On the Home tab in Microsoft Outlook, select New Email.

  2. In the To and/or CC fields, enter the sender's email address. The suggested locations are displayed. Alternatively, select the drop-down arrow or select Select Location(s) and select or browse for the desired location.

  3. Select Send. The Select Filing Location dialog box is displayed.

  4. Review and change the location or add more filing locations if desired, and select Send and File. For more information about sending and filing email, see Sending and filing emails.
    The email appears in your Outbox, and a luggage tag is added to the email based on your settings. The email is sent and filed when the network connection is available.


To use this feature, ensure the Cached Exchange Mode is enabled for Outlook and server-side filing is enabled (for Send and File to work). For more information, contact your administrator.