Filing emails using the Quick File option

If you file an email to iManage Work, iManage Work stores key information about the email message and where it was filed. When you send a new email message or attempt to file an email message, iManage Work examines the following information in the email and offers suggestions based on previous emails that you have filed:

  • Subject of the email

  • Conversation ID that Outlook applies to messages that are part of the same conversation thread

  • Recipient

iManage Work then displays the suggested locations (from the server that you are currently connected to and the other iManage Work Servers that you recently connected to) in the EM task pane. You can use the single-step quick filing feature to file such emails. For more information, see Suggested locations data.

Select the desired emails and select Quick File on the EMM task pane. Alternatively, right-click the emails and select Quick File from the context menu. The emails are filed in the background and the filing progress is shown as a pop-up message in the lower-right corner. For example, if you select and file three emails, the progress status could be displayed as Filing Progress: 1 of 3. The message disappears when the emails are filed. You can view the filing details using the Filing Details pane or the filing details columns in the email grid.