Filing emails using the Work Panel

From 10.6.0 onwards, when you drag emails or attachments to a folder in iManage Work Panel, it automatically refreshes once the email or attachment is filed and you are able to view the filed emails or attachments. This provides a direct visual feedback and informs that the emails or attachments are filed correctly and thus eliminating the need to manually refresh the iManage Work Panel to check if the emails or attachments are filed.

Similarly, the iManage Work Panel automatically refreshes when you navigate and open a folder in iManage Work Panel using tree view and then file emails to this folder by dragging them.

However, if users navigate to the folder in tree view and file emails without opening the folder, the iManage Work Panel does not refresh.


This features iManage Work Web Version 10.4.x and October 2021 Service updates for iManage Work Cloud users.