Health check banner for iManage Work Panel

From version 10.7.0 onwards, when you encounter a blank iManage Work Panel, the health banner is displayed for iManage Work Panel as shown in the following figure:

Figure: Error banner for iManage Work Panel

If selecting Refresh does not address the issue, users can select Copy details to clipboard to copy the following details from machine to report for further support.

  • Timestamp

  • Error reason (if available)

  • Running application name

  • Running application version

  • iManage Work Desktop for Windows version

  • iManage Work version

  • Picker (base) URL

  • Picker C# class name

  • Microsoft Windows machine name

  • Microsoft Windows domain name

  • Microsoft Windows OS version


When you resize iManage Work Panel, the text in the error banner does not wrap around to the next line. When the panel is resized to the minimum width, the message is truncated as shown in the following figure:
Figure: Truncated error message