Inserting files from iManage into PDFs

You can insert the content from a PDF file in iManage Work into another PDF by using the Adobe Acrobat Professional application. You can also choose the page in the current PDF where the new content must be inserted.

  1. From a file saved in iManage Work, open the PDF file into which you want to insert content.

  2. On the iManage tab, select Insert from File. The Select File to Insert dialog box appears.

  3. Navigate to the desired file and choose Select.
    (Optional) To insert content from files saved to another iManage Work Server:

    1. From the Connect to server list, select a server.

    2. Navigate to the desired file.

    3. Choose Select.

    The Insert Pages dialog box appears.

  4. From the Location list, select Before or After depending on where you want to insert the content with respect to the page you specify.

  5. In the Page section, select First, Last, or Page and enter the page number where you want to insert the content.

  6. Select OK. The content from the selected file is merged seamlessly.


Comments in the source PDF file in iManage Work are retained and can be seen in the current PDF file too.