Inserting links

The Insert group on the iManage tab enables you to insert links to other documents, pictures, or text from other documents saved in iManage Work. You can also add a footer. For more information, see Inserting footers.


The Insert feature is not available in Microsoft Project.

  • Hyperlink: Inserts a link to a document selected from the Insert iManage Link dialog box. After you select the document to be inserted as a link, you can either select Insert Latest Version to insert a link that always leads to the latest version of the document, or select images/download/thumbnails/137370136/drop-down.PNG and select Insert This Version. For more information on using the dialog box, see Opening a document.

  • Text From File: Inserts the complete text of another file into the document you are working with. Edits you make to this text do not affect the original document you inserted the text from.

  • Picture: Inserts a picture that you have saved in iManage Work.